AWS Accelerator
AWS Accelerator

What is RapidCloud?

We created RapidCloud as a result of years of best practices and complex architectures we’ve designed for popular data, analytics, web and mobile use cases, which include:

  • Database and Data Warehouse migration to AWS
  • Ingestion of relational, semi-structured and unstructured data
  • Real-time replication and CDC (change data capture), ETL/ELT
  • Event streaming
  • Governance and compliance
  • Serverless, Containers, Web and mobile applications

RapidCloud is the answer to complexity of building cloud-native platforms on AWS.

Why use RapidCloud?

Who is RapidCloud for?

RapidCloud can be used throughout all the phases of software development lifecycle for custom solutions on AWS, including architecture, design, development, configuration and deployment.

  • Solution Architects - define and configure solution architecture
  • Automation Engineers - manage end-to-end infrastructure automation
  • Data Engineers - create data pipelines and analytics solutions
  • Application Engineers - develop modular business logic
  • QA Engineers - create test automation

Previews and Incremental Changes

Fully automated infrastructure deployment & pipeline orchestration

Deploy your platform architecture and end-to-end orchestration with a single click of a button.

Ready to use code and templates

Start moving and analyzing your data, and processing application and service requests with automatically generated, ready to use code and templates for your specific use cases.

Proven AWS and Open Source technologies

Subscription Plans

Basic (FREE)
Free subscription tier to get you started. Includes Architecture Modeling Tool, Data Lake Foundation, and Infrastructure Automation for a variety of AWS compute, storage, networking, content delivery and other services.

Includes Basic functionality plus Custom Modules, Complete Workload Infrastructure Automation for Database and Data Warehouse Migration, Semi-Structured Data Pipeline, Streaming Data Processing, Web and Mobile Application Backend, Workload orchestration and code templates (auto generated for your specific needs). Premium subscription gives full access to all RapidCloud features for up to 10 users.
Upgrade to Premium via Settings -> Account Info.

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